Dark Theme vs. Light Theme

Dark themes or light themes for the editor, what to choose? It’s a discussion like tabs vs. spaces (though the latter actually has some impact in certain cases).

I prefer light themes because dark themes are too… Dark… and I’d have to up the brightness on my computer, something which I don’t do in order to preserve battery.

That said, I don’t see why you can’t have both. I can also appreciate a dark theme. In fact, I usually switch to a dark theme when I’m in a darker place. Makes things feel cosier.

Sweden’s Current Parliamentary Issues and who gets to be Prime Minister

Sweden is currently in a messy parliamentary situation as a Prime Minister has to be elected. After breaking the old record of 25 days without instating or re-instating a Prime Minister, a re-election is looming in the distance. In this post, I explain what the problem is and present a highly unlikely solution.

Disclosure (potential bias and disclaiming of authority): I voted for the Left Party in the national election and feel animosity against the Sweden Democrats. I’m mostly neutral on all other parties, though I’m somewhat negative to the right-wing coalition. I am not properly educated to make any definitive statements; this post is a summary of the political situation as I’ve understood it and contains wild speculation.

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The VS Code Experiment

I use GitHub’s Atom editor, which is a neat piece of software. Easy to use and easy to extend thanks to the built-in extension manager. And auto-updates. Except on Linux. Unlike IDEs like Xcode on macOS or Visual Studio on whatever, Atom is just a text editor that can be enhanced with additional features should you need it.

However, I thought that maybe I should take a look and see what else there is. I tried Notepad++ on Windows and I hated it. macOS comes pre-installed with Vim and Emacs, both of which are very far away from what I’m used to in my world of GUIs.

Side-Note: I’ve used Nano a little because Git brings it up when I don’t write a commit message. It’s pretty nice but I haven’t done anything outside of writing a few short sentences with it.

I ended up going to AlternativeTo, searching for “Atom” and wound up seeing Visual Studio Code pop up. I decided to give it a try.

VS Code is similar to Atom. They’re both built around Electron, utilising web technology to create a desktop app, and have GitHub integration, snippets, GUI themes, built-in extension manager etc. VS Code is much more capable from the get-go, however, with it being an IDE out-of-the-box whereas Atom requires you to install atom-ide-ui for the IDE functionality and then plugins for the languages you want.

I’ve used it a little bit. I hate it. Kind of. It feels… Strange. Like coming home and finding that your satellite TV box has been switched out and now you have to figure out where the channels are. It’s a bit clunky at first, but I think this is just a matter of getting used to something new.